Brainwave-controlled Lightboard

I worked with Chris Imbriano during the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Hackathon. We spent the weekend hacking around with the Muse, a consumer EEG headband, NodeJS and the Spark Core. By the end of the 24 hours, we were able to control the lights connected to the Spark Cores using only our mind. The best part is that(…)

Karma Controller

More Productive Procrastination The Karma Controller lets you procrastinate on Reddit more efficiently. The buttons control the following functions: Upvote! Downvote Move up Move down Toggle image Open comments in new tab Close tab I’m giving away five of them at They’ll be professionally printed and hand-built by me! The professionally printed boards came in(…)

Easter Egg Circuit

Easter Egg Circuit

Happy Easter! I attempted to create an egg circuit. It kinda worked. I used a Circuit Writer pen and less-than-patiently let that dry for hours. Then I painstakingly soldered the LEDs and the wire. Some notes: Paint the circuit the day before Easter, so that it dries and becomes more conductive. Use thinner lines. There’s(…)